These AHL Teams Aren't Messing Around When It Comes to Their Promo Jersey's

The American Hockey League is considered to be the second-best hockey league in the world. It gives fans in smaller market cities the opportunity to see future NHL stars and makes for great entertainment. This past weekend, a couple of teams broke away from their traditional uniforms to unveil some special promo jerseys and they did not disappoint.

Hershey Bears

As the longest standing team in the league, the Hershey Bears have a long and storied tradition. Since their inception, they've embraced playing in Chocolate Town, but never like this. Saturday night, against the Leigh Valley Phantoms, the Bears broke out this chocolate-covered look. Unfortunately, the fashion statement didn't pay off as they were shut-out by their in-state rival. That being said, I think these would make for a great full-time third jersey.

Springfield Thunderbirds

What better way to celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Simpsons? The Thunderbirds paid tribute to the fictional town that shares their city's name with these Ice-O-Topes jerseys. I like how they chose to go with a more traditional jersey design that incorporated everything that is so great about the show, they even incorporated a Simpsonized version of their logo. The promotion proved to be a successful won as Springfield defeated Hartford 2-0 on Saturday night in front of a good-sized crowd.

Binghamton Devils

Chances are you've seen these jerseys before as they made an appearance in what some call the greatest hockey movie of all-time. This past weekend, the Binghamton Devils took to the ice as the Broome County Blades in honor of Slap Shot Weekend. Still not ringing a bell? Maybe this clip will help. That's right, the Blades originally made an appearance on the big screen going up against the Hanson Brothers. With old-time hockey back in town, the Devils split the weekend donning the Blades uniforms with a win against Providence on Friday night followed by a loss to Rochester.

Manitoba Moose

Looking ahead at this weekend, the Manitoba Moose will be celebrating their 20th season with this gorgeous faux back jersey. It takes the elements of the original Moose jersey from their days in the old IHL and combines them with the updated Moose colors, representing their affiliation with the Jets. The original Moose logo came with the team after the franchise relocated from Minnesota. With the old logo, the 90's striping, and the Jets colors make for a great jersey, one that I believe is better than their current set.

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