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The First-Ever 3-on-3 Professional Hockey League

Debuting in summer 2021 is a new professional hockey league. After seeing the success of the 3 on 3 overtime, and the 3-on-3 all-star game format of the NHL, 3Ice looks to take that concept and make it into a traveling league.

In its inaugural season, 3ice will consist of 8 teams, with 6 skaters, 1 goalie, and a coach on each club. Similar to the XFL starting after the Super Bowl, the season will start when the NHL season ends. What is unique about this league is that teams will not be based around cities. The league itself will be traveling to 9 cities, more like a circus than a professional sports league.

However, the league already has signed TV deals with TSN and CBS Sports and has an impressive staff. Led by Hockey Hall of Famer Craig Patrick and E.J. Johnston, the staff has plenty of experience and knowledge that should help 3Ice succeed.

3-on-3 hockey can be a thrill to watch, but fans won’t be able to root for their hometown team, so the league plans and will have to bring in some notable names to start if they want to succeed. The idea is great and hopefully, the execution will follow. It will be interesting to see how teams are run and coached along with pay structure for players.

Personally, I love watching 3 on 3 hockey, but it can be quite tiring to play on a full sheet of ice, especially with only 6 skaters. When the NHL started incorporating 3-on-3 play, it was fascinating to see how the strategy changes and how goaltenders showcase their puck-handling and passing skills.

I will absolutely be tuning in, and it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

If you want to learn more, the link to their website is

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