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The Dallas Stars Reminded Everyone That You Can Never Go Wrong With White Ear Loops

The 2020 Winter Classic was a sight for the ages as the Stars and Predators took to the ice at the Cotton Bowl in style. Both teams had uniforms inspired by their respective citie's hockey history as the Predators paid homage to the Nashville Dixie Flyers while the Stars wore jerseys inspired by the Dallas Texans. For the first time since their days as the North Stars, Dallas opted to wear green helmets, which looked amazing complimented with white ear loops.

White ear loops are a commodity that doesn't get taken advantage of enough in the hockey world. They instantly upgrade any uniform. Every team wears them with their white helmets but very few teams rock them with their dark helmets. Even though the white ear loops look good, it makes sense for the teams with black helmets to keep the standard black ear loops, but for the teams without black in their color scheme, it makes no sense. Take a look at some of the teams who could benefit from changing their ear loops from black to white.

Excluding the Flames, none of these teams having black as a team color. So why have black as a part of the uniform? The white ear loops pop and give a cleaner look to the helmets. There are a handful of NHL teams who consistently wear white ear loops, the Penguins, Islanders, Red Wings, and Panthers. Last season the Flyers began wearing white earloops, but only with their black alternate jerseys.

Style points to these five teams! I especially like the way the white ear loops look with the Panthers, who are the only team in the league to use white ear loops with navy helmets. I can see the argument for keeping the standard black ear loops on a navy helmet because from a distance it's hard to even notice, but with how good the Panthers look in them there's no excuse for other teams to not hop on the bandwagon. It's simple if you don't have black as a color, don't have black ear loops. If you do have black as a team color and want more style points, toss on some white ear loops.