The Russian Throwback Uniform We're All Waiting For

From 1956 through the 1980's there wasn't a more dominant team in sports than the Soviet Union National hockey team. The Soviets won Olympic gold medals in '56, '64, '68, '72, '76, '84, '88, and even in '92 as the "Unified Team" (consisting of six of the 15 former Soviet republics). Their dominance is often overshadowed by the 1980 USA "Miracle" win, where the U.S. were actually outshot 39 to 16. The Soviets were the most feared hockey team on Earth and the team's intimidating image came hand in hand with their all-red uniforms that read "CCCP" across the chest.

Obviously, the Russian dominance at the international level came to an end. Their most recent international win came with an asterisk as the "Olympic Athletes of Russia" at the 2018 PyeongChang Olympic Games. The level of play of the tournament itself was nowhere near "the best athletes in the world" as the NHL ruled that they would not participate.

So how could Russia hockey bounce back to their dominant, intimidating image from the past? The team could bring back the all-red uniforms that reigned the hockey world for decades. Obviously due to major political shifts from the Soviet Union to modern day Russia, the "CCCP" label would be replaced with "Russia".

Imagine a full 2020 roster in this uni with guys like Ovi, Malkin, Kucherov, and Vasilevskiy? It's hard to believe that they wouldn't make a serious run at a World Cup or Olympic gold with the legendary hockey history in those sweaters.

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